Dying Light Delayed To Early 2015

Dying Light screen

Techland says that pushing Dying Light into next year means it won’t have to compromise its vision for the game.

The zombie apocalypse game Dying Light was originally expected to be out sometime this year, which isn’t terribly informative as release dates go but at least narrows it down to sometime within the next seven months. Today, however, Techland announced that “sometime this year” isn’t going to happen.

“When we started the development of Dying Light, we were committed to innovation. We wanted to give you a freedom of movement unprecedented in open-world games. After many improvements and months of hard work, we have now come so close to realizing our initial vision we feel we cannot stop before it is ready,” Techland said in its announcement.

“We believe the Natural Movement element of our game will change what you expect from the genre, and we don’t want to sacrifice any of its potential by releasing too early,” it continued. “This quality-focused thinking underlines all our development choices and we hope you share our belief that the gameplay must always come first.”

The delay means Techland “can fully realize our vision of an open-world game,” without any compromises or trade-offs on any of the systems it’s being developed for. Dying Light is now slated to come out in February 2015 – which isn’t exactly pinpoint-precise either, but a release month is better than a release year – for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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