E3 2008: A Quick Peek At DC Universe Online


Sony provided us with a very quick peek at DC Universe Online, which lets you take your own superhero or villain into the world of Batman and Superman.

First, the good news: The little we saw looked good, damn good. The trailer was chock full of familiar faces like Batman, The Joker, The Flash and Green Arrow, and they all looked fantastic.

Now, the bad news: We didn’t see much else. A few city environments, but nothing terribly distinctive or impressive. We also saw a few custom characters, but the trailer didn’t go into depth about your abilities when creating them. Essentially, it just threw a few tantalizing visuals at us while asking, wouldn’t it be cool if you could help the inmates of Arkham Asylum storm the Bat Cave?

Well, duh, of course it would! You don’t have to sell us on the concept, show us more of the game! Unfortunately, that was not the plan for today, so we were left with appetites whetted but far from satisfied.

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