Earth Defense Force Port Brings Big Bugs To Small Phones


Further proving that Japan gets all the coolest toys, D3Publisher has ported cult classic giant bug killing simulator Earth Defense Force 2017 to mobile phones in the Land of the Rising Sun.

As Siliconera points out, the miniaturized game seems to be aesthetically faithful to its Xbox 360 predecessor, down to the “looking up at impossibly huge enemies” point of view, stupidly oversized ants, and minimalist heads-up display.

Sadly, I suspect this also means it shares that game’s tendency to slow down under heavy action, but I played through 150 missions in the Xbox 360 version and I would totally drop the cash to do it again in portable form.

There’s no word on whether this game might appear in the U.S., but given EDF2017’s fanbase, and the very limited amount of localization the series would require, I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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