Edge of Tomorrow Bombed at the Box Office… So Warner Bros Renamed It (Again)


It seems a bit late in Edge of Tomorrow’s lifecycle for a title change to fix things, but as a big box office flop the newly-named Live Die Repeat can’t do much worse.

Remember Edge of Tomorrow, the sci-fi summer blockbuster starring Tom Cruise? No? Well, you aren’t alone: the film had a disappointing turn at the US box office, earning only $99 million of its $178 million production budget. Though it did much better internationally — making $264 million or 72% of its total gross — there was no salvaging the American release. Despite being a pretty fun sci-fi flick, the film lost out to both The Fault Is in Our Stars and Maleficent at the American box office, premiering in third place.

That kind of crushing defeat is probably why when Warner Bros. released Edge of Tomorrow on home video, they stopped calling it Edge of Tomorrow. The new name? Live Die Repeat, which also happens to be a pretty accurate plot summary. This is actually the second time the movie’s name has changed as the original title was All You Need Is Kill, which sounds more exciting than either of its replacements. Is it too late for Warner Bros. to get its act together on this one? Probably. But it’s cute that the company keeps trying.

Still, if you’re looking to pick up this many-named movie, which releases on October 7th, you may find some retailers calling it by different names — Amazon currently lists it as Edge of Tomorrow, but iTunes lists it as Live Die Repeat with updated artwork reflecting the title change. If you’re having trouble tracking it down, you could just ask the clerk for “that sci-fi Tom Cruise movie,” which is probably equally descriptive.

Source: CinemaBlend via io9

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