Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival Detailed


The fourth EIEF show to host Edge Award, and feature keynote by David Gardner, COO for EA Worldwide Studios.

Gardner, long known as ‘Mr. Europe’ for his success in running non-US portions of EA, was promoted after the departure of worldwide studios president Don Mattrick last year. Gardner’s keynote will be titled “View From The Top – the challenges of next gen”

Other notables will include Edge Magazine editor Margaret Robertson on “Games That Make Me Cry.” Games already make Robertson cry, and she’s not ashamed to say so.

Noted composer Tommy Tallarico will be looking at the future of music within the context of interactive entertainment during “Edinburgh Faces The Music.”

The EIEF’s first night will close with the Edge Award and cocktail reception. Said winner will be selected from the shortlist, drawn from games reviewed by Edge Magazine over the past year, which rewards “neither commercial success, nor necessarily popularity, but instead highlights the games which have marked out innovative new paths or achieved new standards of excellence.”

Amped 3 (360, developed by Indie Built, Inc, published by Take Two)
Brain Training (DS, developed and published by Nintendo)
Dragon Quest VIII (PS2, developed by Level 5 and published by Square Enix)
Electroplankton (DS, developed by Toshio Iwai, published by Nintendo)
Fahrenheit (PC/PS2/Xbox, developed by Quantic Dream, published by Atari)
Guitar Hero (PS2, developed by Harmonix, published by Red Octane)
Killer 7 (GC/PS2, developed by Grasshopper Inc, published by Capcom)
Ouendan (DS, developed by Inis, published by Nintendo)

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