Eidos Publishes PAL Majesco Titles


Majesco has signed Eidos Interactive to publish a set of new titles in foreign countries.

International game publisher Eidos Interactive will be distributing eight titles developed and/or published in America by Majesco Entertainment Company in the PAL regions of Europe and Australia. The agreement includes games exclusively developed for Nintendo hardware, such as Cake Mania, The New York Times Crosswords, MechAssault: Phantom War and Nancy Drew(TM): The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park for the Nintendo DS, as well as a handful of Wii software.

Eidos’ Product Acquisition Director Ian Livingstone discussed the two companies’ cooperation. “There is an obvious synergy between Eidos’ focus on the casual games market and Majesco’s expertise in this field. This is just the start of an exciting relationship with Majesco and furthers our commitment to casual games.”

Jason Dutton, Managing Director of Majesco Entertainment International, added, “This partnership with Eidos provides us with a focus that our mass market games will really benefit from, and is a natural progression in our company’s evolution. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the best professionals in the industry while benefiting from a proven international distribution network.”

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