Eidos Signs Up With In-Game Advertising Firm


Eidos has signed a deal with an in-game advertising firm for 10 of its still-developing titles.

Fusion, the advertising company, will produce a range of adverts in upcoming games over three years, though no specific titles have been announced yet.
“The quality and breadth of Eidos’ portfolio of games represents an ideal opportunity for advertisers to reach many millions of consumers in an uncluttered and engaging environment,” said Frank Sagnier, Double Fusion’s European MD.
“It further strengthens videogames as a primary medium of choice to reach the elusive 18-34-year-old audience.”

Such advertisements are becoming more prevalent in games – Battlefield 2 and the upcoming Quake Wars are two examples – justified by developers in part as a move toward greater “realism” and also a means of covering costs for servers and “free” modifications.


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