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Elden Ring Leaks Short Clips for Those Desperate for Morsels of New Info

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Footage of FromSoftware’s highly anticipated next game, Elden Ring, has leaked online. In typical internet leak fashion, the clips appear as though they were recorded 20 years ago from how grainy they are, but they also seem to show our first look at a gameplay trailer for the FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin collaboration project. Just keep in mind that these leaks obviously aren’t the best representation of the final product.

VGC reports that it has seen Elden Ring’s leaked trailer, which has been shared around online chat groups. Supposedly a narrator in the footage states: “I can only imagine what drives you to seek the Elden Ring. I suppose you can’t be talked into turning back. Very well then!”

Production on Elden Ring has reportedly slowed down due to the shift to remote work last year. One VGC source stated that they do not believe that the FromSoftware project will be out before 2021 comes to a close.

These leaks are the first we’ve seen of Elden Ring since its cinematic trailer was revealed in 2019. We know that the project is being published by Bandai Namco, with FromSoftware serving as lead developer and George R.R. Martin working with the studio to create the game’s lore. Otherwise, little information about the project has been revealed.

Though it has been some time since we’ve seen something official, some reputable reporters have suggested that we won’t have to wait much longer before seeing some sort of reveal for Elden Ring. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb mentioned in a recent podcast that he’s heard the game could see some sort of unveiling by the end of March, and Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier said that while he’s heard the game has been delayed “a bunch,” there is still “strong evidence floating around that the game will be shown relatively soon.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Greenberg, Xbox game marketing general manager, refuted speculation that Elden Ring would be shown at a rumored Xbox presentation later this month.

With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly affecting FromSoftware just as it has affected many game developers, it is possible that any sort of new official Elden Ring reveal could have been pushed again. In other words, it’s hard to say when the project will reappear in an official form.

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