Electronic Arts Confirms Danger Close Closure

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EA Vice President Patrick Söderlund says the Medal of Honor studio “doesn’t exist anymore.”

The 2010 Medal of Honor reboot and its 2012 sequel, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, were both stinkers, Warfighter faring so poorly that it prompted Electronic Arts to take it out behind the shed and give it the Old Yeller. And since Danger Close, previously known as EA Los Angeles, was specifically tasked with making Medal of Honor games – on the assumption that it would be a major, Modern Warfare-style franchise – it was a safe bet that the studio’s days were numbered, especially after EA opened a Los Angeles branch of Battlefield studio DICE in May.

EA has previously refused to comment on the studio’s fate but in an interview with Eurogamer, Söderlund, the executive vice president of the EA Games Label, confirmed that Danger Close is done. “Danger Close as it was doesn’t exist anymore,” he said. “There are people who left LA, people who work with DICE LA, and there are some who work in other parts of EA, as always when something gets dismantled.”

It’s always sad to see a developer go under, but the risk to studios that are purpose-built for a particular franchise, especially one that’s relatively untried, is high – and in this case, the outcome was all but inevitable.

Source: Eurogamer

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