Disney is bringing Lawrence Kasdan back to Star Wars.

If the name “Lawrence Kasdan” rings a bell, it’s probably because he was the primary screenwriter on both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and he also managed to squeeze Raiders of the Lost Ark in there too. He’s done a lot of other work but it’s those three titles (and the two Star Wars ones, primarily) that cemented his legend with sci-fi cinema fans. And now he’s back.

A lot of jokes have been made about Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise but it sure doesn’t seem to be horsing around with it. The House of the Mouse announced yesterday that Kasdan has been hired to one of the sequels that will follow “Star Wars 7,” the first Disney-controlled Star Wars flick. X-Men 3 screenwriter Simon Kinberg is signed to do the other.

It’s exciting news for fans of the series who’d like to see it get back to its roots, but don’t hold your breath waiting. The next Star Wars flick, written by Toy Story 3 guy Michael Arndt, won’t be out until 2015 and you can count on at least two more years after that before Star Wars 8 rolls around – and since it’s not clear yet which of the two follow-ups Kasdan will write, we could end up waiting even longer than that for his return.

Source: E-Online


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