Empty Parking Lot Highlights Minecraft‘s Mundane


Sure, you can create amazing things in Minecraft, but you could also spend hours building an empty parking lot.

Everybody’s talking about their incredible Minecraft creations lately. I built the entire Star Trek Enterprise to scale! I created a Minecraft computer that has its own RAM! I modeled an amazingly beautiful Studio Ghibli world! Big whoop. I’m more impressed with the guy that made a parking lot.

Contrary to the wondrous creations of Minecraft, Boing Boing presents the more mundane. To start, how about a row of nondescript houses built in 19th century England? They’re made of bricks, and have windows. Fired up yet?

Perhaps a highway intersection is more to your liking? Or an empty K-Mart… excuse me, Big-K parking lot at dawn. Yep, it’s an empty parking lot all right. But it’s built in Minecraft.

There’s also a Minecraft version of Rockall, a small, rocky islet off the coast of Scotland covered in bird poo, but that’s getting a little too exciting if you ask me. I think I’ll go back and hang in that parking lot some more. There might be creepers in Big-K, but at least they (usually) don’t explode.

Source: Boing Boing

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