Enjoy the Sounds of Psychonauts


“Listen up maggots. You will go to DoubleFine‘s website and you will purchase this shining slice of salacious sounds. What are you waiting for? My bowels move faster than you do, pokey!”

Doublefine Productions is gearing up for Brutal Legend (assuming Activision and EA can stop arguing over it, that is), but is still paying tribute to one of its greatest games, Psychonauts, by releasing the soundtrack and score both digitally and on CD.

Psychonauts‘ music stylings were composed by Peter McConnell, who’s also responsible for some of Lucasarts’ finest musical moments, including Grim Fandango, and most everything with Star Wars in the name. Much like the game itself, Psychonauts‘ soundtrack was quirky, charming, and just a little bit off center.

If you’ve never played Psychonauts, you should. It’s also one of the best games I’ve ever played. Take a look. The Milkman would want you to. His milk is delicious.

Source: VG247

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