Epic’s Tappy Chicken is a Flappy Bird Clone Made in Unreal Engine 4

Tappy Chicken Epic Games 310x

Tappy Chicken was made by one Epic Games employee with no coding experience.

Epic Games is full steam ahead with Unreal Engine 4, and they want all the newbie games designers to hop on their platform. It’s easier than ever now, thanks to the new monthly subscription model, but the engine can still be a little intimidating, yeah?

Tappy Chicken, which is available for free on iOS and Android, shows how easy it is to make a game in UE4. The unapologetic Flappy Bird clone was made by one Epic Games employee — artist Shane Caudle — who has absolutely no programming experience to speak of. Thanks to new feature sets like Blueprints visual scripting, Epic thinks game design is easier than ever.

Epic says the game took about a week to make, from the procedurally-generated level, to the menu and UI design.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) play Tappy Chicken on your phone, an HTML5 version for your browser is in the works, too.

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