bitcoin gambling

eSports fans now have a global gambling network so they can put their bitcoins where their mouth is.

For as long as there has been competition, there have been adventurous types looking to make things a little more interesting. Gamblers haven’t had much of an opportunity to break into the eSports market, though – until now. A site called has arrived on the scene to fill that niche as the first bitcoin-based social gambling site for eSports fans. Yes, you can now gain or lose fortunes based on how well other people play video games.

The site is currently filled with bets on competitive games like Starcraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2, though any eSports-related bet can be submitted as long as it has a clear yes/no outcome. Current bets are as specific as putting money on a certain team to win an upcoming tournament, and as general as betting that the winner of a Starcraft tournament will be a Protoss player. The amounts are similarly diverse, with payouts in bitcoin amounts ranging anywhere from a dollar’s worth to hundreds of bucks in the digital currency. claims that its service will bring a whole new element to eSports competition, since everything’s a little more intense when you’ve got money on a match. It’ll be interesting to see if this niche market takes off – a pro gamer throwing a match to make a fortune in bitcoins would be an interesting sight to see.

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