ESRB, Ingram Join Forces To Support Small Retailers


The Entertainment Software Rating Board has launched a new program offering ready-to-use ESRB rating signage to 10,000 independent and small-chain software retailers across the U.S.

In partnership with software distributor Ingram Entertainment, the ESRB will be sending out material along with the May 28 issue of Ingram’s Entertainment Preview magazine. The push to support independent retailers coincides with the “Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month” in June.

The included signage includes shelf strips that explain the ESRB ratings, as well as signs and tent cards explaining the store’s policy against selling M-rated games to customers under 17. A letter from Bob Geistman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ingram Entertainment, is also included in the package, explaining the importance of supporting ESRB ratings and offering more printable signs for download at the ESRB web site.

“The ESRB actively supports retailers in their efforts with respect to the sale or rental of videogames, and their support of the ratings has been tremendous, as evidenced by the most recent report from the FTC,” said ESRB President Patricia Vance. “Our partnership with national retail outlets continues to be strong, and with the help of Ingram Entertainment we’re helping smaller independent retailers across the country inform their consumers about the rating system and support their store policies.”

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