Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend


A few members of the Escapist staff, including yours truly, sat down to enjoy my screener’s copy of Gamers: The Movie this weekend. I’d caught the first screening of it, but watching it in a crowd of people you’ve played tabletop with is an entirely different experience. The laughter is entirely different–both because a scene is funny and because the conversation being satirized has actually taken place in the group–with a bunch of people you know. Especially the “Oh my god, dude, that’s you” effect, which lead to a few awkward silences as some of the shots hit a little *too* close to home. Gamers is the “Best in Show” or “A Mighty Wind” for the tabletop roleplaying class, and what hit me on the second viewing was how much I’d missed the first go-round. It’s one of those flicks where you’re so busy laughing at one joke that you miss the next two.

The “conversation that has actually taken place” was the “orc babies” conversation from the teaser trailer (some NWS humor/images, if your boss objects to copious swearing or you object to crude humor), which was almost a transcript of a conversation that took place among the resident group. The funniest part wasn’t so much that, it was when the “YOU KILLED THE ORC BABIES!” debate broke out again right after the movie was over.

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