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In response to “Christmas Eve” from The Escapist Forum: Unfortunately in this case, as someone mentioned above with aim vs spirit, this was a case of the writer being in the moral AND the technical right.

Games like EVE try to create something special, and cynical profiteers try to violate that. Yes, someone may very well have come up badly for losing that ISK-merchant fleet, but they were breaking both the rules AND the spirit of the game.

Now maybe they felt forced to, but in this case, it’s rules and spirit vs feeling bad for someone who knew, one way or another, they were doing something immoral.. two against a somewhat self-undermining one.

My way of looking at it? Someone who is hardly a nice person just took enough damage to their business to put them out of it entirely. At least, it’s about as possible they were that small as it is there were sweatshop workers flying those things. And even if it isn’t, they may well have lost enough to make it not worthwhile trying to fix things.



In response to “The Littlest, Biggest Gift of All” from The Escapist Forum: This is a beautiful story, and I imagine this is the kind of ideal scenario the creators of the game had in mind when they decided to add a level editor/creator into the game. We all know that gaming has the ability to isolate us from other sects of society, particularly from our families, but this stands as an excellent model of the potential videogames and unity. Thank you!


Awsome story! But do you know if there is a game on the pc in which i can make this happen?

It is very sweet, indeed. And Charcharo, many PC games have level editors included with them, or downloadable separately. In fact, I would guess that being a PC game it’s a bit easier to include extra media, as more programs are at your disposal. Really though, I don’t think it matters what game it is, as long as you do something that’s special and heartfelt 🙂

I kinda wish I was able to play video games with my parents. There would be times when I’d be grouping with someone in WoW, and he’d say “Oh, I have to go, but my dad will play to the end of the instance” or something. That would always totally blow my mind.



In response to “Are You Happy Now?” from The Escapist Forum: Most excellent. I can identify! Christmas was pretty much the only time I got a game each year when I was a kid, so I had to choose carefully.

The year I picked Prince of Persia, only to realize it didn’t work (very well) with our computer setup was devastating. I freaked right the fuck out. “Christmas is ruined,” and a wide assortment of bitter hyperbole. Eventually I realized that I was sounding a bit obsessed and accepted my fate, and a few months later a new computron appeared. Presto!

At the time, I was convinced that the lesson learned was that you should act like nothing bothers you, and your level-headed indifference will be rewarded when the problem is magically fixed by Forces On High.


Good article. I think we can relate to doing dumb things as a kid. I once got really upset over a couple of presents under the tree. I only had two gifts but the number wasn’t the issue. The issue was the ‘shape’ of the gift. They were shaped like clothes boxes. You know the ones I’m talking about. The large rectangular one that was sure to contain the green and red sweater you’re only going to wear once.

All I wanted that year was the Splinter action figure from the Ninja Turtle series. I overreacted towards my parents and made a complete jackass out of myself. Upon opening the gift not only was Splinter in there, but there beside him were April O’Neil and Shredder. Needless to say I felt like a douche.

I think as kids we’re spoiled by being born into a place with readily available food and shelter. (not everyone in this world can say that) Having these two things handed to us so easily puts our focus on thing that are ultimately trivial. I feel like it’s only later in life that we start to realize what really matters.

Jon Etheridge


In response to “Christmas in South Africa” from The Escapist Forum: Haha, I loved the familiarity of this article. It’s really great to read about a summertime, South African Christmas instead of those weird foreign snowy Christmases for a change.

A friend of mine still has his old imitation-console, the “Golden China TV Game” or something. The sound’s gone, but we still play Contra, Ice Climber and all the rest on it sometimes.

Of course, most of my Christmas memories are from the early-2000s, but, despite everything, not much has changed. Not even the crime, unfortunately.


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