Evolution Board Game Laps Kickstarter Goal In 24 Hours


Evolution, a strategy board game about designing and developing new species, currently has five times its proposed Kickstarter goal.

Kickstarter fatigue may or may not be a thing, but it’s easy to notice which projects continue to attract fans in droves. Today, that honor goes to Evolution from North Star Games, a publisher previously known for party titles like Say Anything and Wits & Wagers. In this case, Evolution is a tabletop strategy game where players equip new species with evolutionary traits before pitting them against each other for food and survival. It’s a unique concept that’s attracting a significant amount of backer support, putting the project at 550% of its $10,000 goal with a month left on the clock.

Evolution begins with each player getting a starting species to expand upon during the game. For each turn, players draw a number of cards that describe various evolutionary traits, which can alter your species or create a new one altogether. Once all cards have been played, each player’s species must either compete for the limited amount of food, or use the carnivore trait to feed directly from another species. The player with the most traits, food, and population numbers ultimately wins the game, provided they hadn’t gone extinct earlier in the session.

From that description alone Evolution sounds like an ideal strategy game, one that’s easy to grasp on the first playthrough while offering a huge range of tactical depth. Over 1000 backers apparently agree, which goes a long way towards securing Evolution‘s finished release in October. Beyond that, the game will be available in boxed and print-and-play formats, and there’s certainly lots of room for expansions and additional cards down the road.

Source: Kickstarter

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