Ex-Mythic Boss: Camelot Unchained Is Not a Dark Age Sucessor


Mythic Entertainment co-founder Mark Jacobs has some surprising things to say about the heritage of his new project, the RvR-focused MMO Camelot Unchained.

Mark Jacobs is best known to massively-multiplayer gamers as the co-founder of Mythic Entertainment and designer of the fantasy MMO Dark Age of Camelot. He left the company in June 2009 after EA merged it with BioWare, but he hasn’t left the game development business and is in fact in the midst of Kickstarting a new MMO called Camelot Unchained. Yet in spite of the name and the focus on Realm vs. Realm battles – the ongoing three-way war between Albion, Hibernia and Midgard that it shares with Dark Age of Camelot – Jacbos insists that it’s not any kind of follow-up.

“Frankly, if I wanted to raise more money with our Kickstarter, it might have been better to say the game is a spiritual successor, to promise PvE, and to do the whole ‘wink wink’ thing at EA,” Jacobs told Warcry. “Instead, I’ve done the exact opposite because I think that it’s important for people not to regard this game as Dark Age of Camelot 2.0, but rather as one with its own unique world and backstory.”

“This game isn’t a spiritual successor to Dark Age of Camelot or a sequel/prequel. On the other hand, we are using some of the same public domain legends/tales that I choose to use for Dark Age of Camelot, but this time, with a rather massive twist,” he said.

That “twist” is a cataclysmic event that pierced the veil between dimensions, unleashing “a nightmarish mix of both legends and horrors upon our world” and changing it in very dramatic and unexpected ways. “Blowing up the world that could have served as the backdrop for a spiritual successor to Dark Age of Camelot is a pretty good indicator that I have no intention of misleading anyone,” Jacobs added.

It looks like a lot of MMO fans are just fine with that: Less than a week after it launched, the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter is almost halfway to its $2 million goal.

Source: Warcry


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