Ex-Tory Leader Attacks Games


Iain Duncan Smith, a prominent member of the Conservative party, has attacked videogames this week.

Former leader of the UK Conservative Party Iain Duncan Smith has lashed out at videogames, saying that they are devastating to a young person’s development. In an interview with the Times where he spoke about the breakdown of British society, he said: “We are driving children to lose their childhood, and some video games are incredibly violent, like Grand Theft Auto. They are meant to be 18 but nobody cares what it says on the label.”

To be fair to Mr. Duncan Smith, gaming was not the only thing that he said was wrong with British society, and cited 24 hour drinking and single parent families as other major problems, but to attack games over all other types of media, and to single out Grand Theft Auto when much more violent games exist suggests that his comments are not coming from a particularly well informed place.

What is more worrying however, is that Mr. Duncan Smith is very likely to be a part of the next UK government, and while it seems unlikely that games will be at the top of his list of ‘problems’, the next few years might be an interesting time for British gamers.

Source: via CVG

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