Examining Narrative Devices in Far Cry 3


The Far Cry 3 “Story Trailer” doesn’t actually reveal a whole lot about the Far Cry 3 story.

We already have a basic idea of the setup in Far Cry 3. Bro-tourist goes to a tropical paradise with friends, tropical paradise turns into a horrific nightmare, bro-tourist smokes some local mary jane and turns into an unstoppable killing machine, cue gunfire and explosions and everybody has a good time. But what’s really going on here? Who are the characters driving this narrative and even more importantly, what’s our motivation for inflicting all this mayhem and bloodshed on the indigenous population?

I didn’t know before I watched the new Far Cry 3 story trailer and, truth be told, I still don’t. It’s really just a longer look at the same thing: bro-tourist, tropical hellhole, homegrown hydro, guns. Not that I necessarily have a problem with that – the original Far Cry wasn’t exactly strong on storytelling either – but if you’re going to release a “story trailer,” it’d be good to include some kind of new information or insight with it.

Still and all, it does look pretty cool. Sadly, the Insane Edition with the cool case and the Insane Vaas Wahine and all the rest of that good stuff remains a European exclusive; those of us on this side of the wet fantastic will have to settle for the standard release.

Far Cry 3 comes out in North America on December 4 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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