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By following a specific set of instructions, zombie enthusiasts everywhere can make endless copies of items instantly using an impressive Dying Light exploit.

To make this glitch work, you’ll need a ton of lock picks. The rest of the steps are too complicated to explain here, so keep scrolling down to see the exact process broken down. Even with an explanation, this one might take a few tries.

Techland has an exploit problem. The weapon duplication glitch appeared in Dying Light, left identical to it’s first inclusion in Dead Island until it was removed in a patch. There’s a specific subset of players that everything these is to exploit about open-world games — from Skyrim’s basket-heads to GTA IV’s super-propelling swing-sets, discovering bizarre glitches is just another fun activity in these games for some. Join in and try a tricky exploit out for yourself using the instructions here.

Player Stash Exploit Guide

NOTE: Completing this exploit may require an un-patched version of the game.

The Player Stash, normally, gives the player extra inventory space shared between all other stashes in Dying Light. For newbies, the Player Stash is located in any of the numerous Safe Zones.

Instead of lugging around extra gear, items are put in the Player Stash inventory where they can be collected later at any of the other Player Stashes.

Aside from using these handy second inventories for their regularly intended functions, there’s a sneaky exploit allowing just about anyone to earn infinite items or XP. If you’ve got the right items, that is.

Player Stash Exploit: Step-by-Step

NOTE: Weapons can not be duplicated with this method. Only items (medkits, weapon upgrades, etc.) can be copied.

Dying Light Player Stash Exploit

1. Buy Lock picks — they’re available in the Apartment tower shop in the Slums. Lock picks are 10$ each. If possible, purchase 999 lock picks to get the most use out of this exploit.

2. There’s a stash in the shop. Place every lock pick you own in the stash. While still in the stash menu, highlight the stashed lock picks and press [Cross / A] + [Circle / B] — essentially, you are pressing OK+Back at the same time. Close the stash when you’re done.

3. Open the stash again and press [Triangle / Y] on any item you wish to duplicate. It will make copies identical to the number of lock picks you used previously; follow the steps with 99 lock picks to instantly create 99 copies of any item. Follow the steps with 999 lock picks creates 999 copies.

4. Medkits, items, or any of gear can be copied. Copy valuable items like weapon upgrades and sell them for infinite cash.

5. For infinite Survivor XP, duplicate Disaster Relief On-Site Packages and turn them in.

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