Exploit Saving In Crash 3: Warped To More Easily Earn 99 Lives

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Lives are a rare commodity in Crash 3: Warped, and the N. Sane Trilogy patches out an old favorite life-farming method. We’ve devised a secondary scheme for earning plenty of lives.

Lives were (originally) much easier to earn in Crash 3. On PS1, all you had to do was farm Tiny Tiger for bonus lives. He was an easy boss, and lives respawned every time Crash entered a level. Thanks to some patches in the N. Sane Trilogy, it’s now impossible to farm for lives the old way. Instead, you’ll have to use a semi-“exploit” to make those extra lives respawn.

Check out the method and explanation below. If you’re looking for ways to earn lives in all the other N. Sane Trilogy adventures, browse the link bank for more Crash farming guides.

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Farming lives is trickier in the N. Sane Trilogy. Instead of just farming lives on Tiny Tiger, the first boss, you’ll have to use some trickery.

Lives don’t respawn like they did on the original PS1 release version. Instead, to make lives respawn, you’ll have to save, exit, and reload.

That’s a time consuming process, so here’s a quick list of levels you can enter for a quick infusion of extra lives.

  • Sphynxinator – 5 Lives (Behind Start / Left Path)
  • Dino Might! – 7 Lives (Regular Path / Yellow Gem Route)
  • Tomb Time – 2 Lives (Bazooka Required, Shoot Left / Right Of Cortex’s face.)

That’s a total of 14 lives. The only difficult level to complete for lives is Dino Might!, as you’ll need to enter the Yellow Gem Route to earn most of your extra lives. That can be a challenge, so skip it if you’re not an expert.

Tomb Time is by far the easiest. Aim the Bazooka (Unlocked after defeating Dr. N. Gin) and blast the cheeks of the N. Cortex sphinx at the start of the stage. That’s two lives, right there.

After completing an extra life run, save your game, then reload and all the lives will respawn. It’s a slow process, but lives are pretty hard to come by in Crash 3: Warped.

Have a better method for farming extra lives in the third Crash? Let us know in the comments!

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