SDCC 2014

Extended SDCC Look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


New TMNT footage shows that these new turtles are as badass as ever.

There’s less than a month before we’re going to see the latest iteration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — it’s due in theaters on August 8th — but an extended look at the movie, including some great actions sequences. The action doesn’t disappoint, with the turtles rushing into a darkened subway to rescue hostages from the Foot Clan. However, when the secretive turtles make their escape they’re followed by April O’Neil (Megan Fox), who seems to spend most of this footage trying to snap a photo of the turtles. A second fight sequence shows our heroes in a car chase with the Foot Clan — the turtles sled through the snow on their shells, Raphael rushes the bad guys on a rocket-powered skateboard, and Donatello flips a car with his bo staff.

In short, the action scenes are fantastic, full of great bits that fans of the cartoons or comics are sure to love. You can catch some of the action in this new trailer — but you’ll have to wait until it hits theaters to see everything.

The big disappointment in these scenes is April, who’s shown as a pretty classic damsel in distress. She faints when the turtles threaten her for taking photos of them — and, really, turtles, do you have to get that aggressive with a lone, unarmed woman? — and during the chase scene, there’s an extended sequence of her cameraman (Will Arnett) staring at her ass while she tries to catch yet another photo of the turtles. (Will, you’re supposed to be driving! Watch the road!) Here’s to hoping she has her own opportunities to be badass in the film that just haven’t made into the trailers yet.

In an interesting twist, in the footage shown Splinter and April seem to know one another — but since this movie doesn’t fit in with any other turtles continuity, means we could see some surprises in our character origins.


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