F-Zero X Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack release date March 11, 2022

Nintendo Switch Online has slowly been getting more impressive. It got a “Missions & Rewards” feature recently, which helps ease the initial shock over its Expansion Pack price. The last game to hit the Expansion Pack service, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, was added on February 25. Fans have been waiting patiently since for news on the next video game to hit the Nintendo 64 portion of the online application. Tonight, Nintendo delivered, as it announced 1998 title F-Zero X will be joining Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack this Friday, March 11.

Here’s the F-Zero X Nintendo Switch Online reveal straight from Nintendo of America’s Twitter:

For those who didn’t own the title back in the day, F-Zero X features 30 different hover-car racers and includes modes like Grand Prix Cup, Time Trial, Versus, and Death Race. You can race up to three friends in Versus via split-screen, and now you can even do so online! Isn’t the future grand?

More than anything else, I want readers to be aware of the greatness that is Death Race. It’s you against 29 other cars. Your goal? Smash into them until they explode. It’s one of the most therapeutic game modes to hit a Nintendo 64 game.


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