Finally, the question, “where’s my flying car?” can be answered.

Flying cars are the like the barometer of the future, and once we have them, we can get started on the moonbase. Well, grab your shiny silver suit and make sure you’ve eaten your food pills, because the Federal Aviation Administration has approved the Terrafugia Transition, a street-legal car with fold out wings that is capable of flight.

It’s not strictly speaking a flying car, more a small plane with certain car-like qualities. Terrafugia’s website says that the Transition isn’t a replacement for a real car, but that it’s perfect for short trips between 100 to 400 miles.

The Transition requires a Light Sport Aircraft pilot’s license to fly – which you can get with only twenty hours of training – and a regular driver’s license to use on the ground. The Transition won’t be available to the public until late 2011, but you can secure yours now with a $10,000 deposit, leaving plenty of time to save up the rest of the $194,000 the car/plane is believed to be cost.

Source: The Register via Dvice

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