Fable Legends Officially Closes Down

fable legends

“All stories have to end eventually…”

The cancellation of Fable Legends was announced last month, along with the fact that Microsoft is “in talks” about whether or not to close Lionhead Studios. The game was in closed beta at the time, and players were informed that, while they would receive refunds for any real money they put into the game, the beta itself stay online through April 13 – today.

In a post today, Lionhead confirmed the game’s end, informing players that the Xbox and Windows Store teams are currently processing refunds, and that some have already received theirs. The post, overall, is very factual – but ends with an emotional tone:

“All of us here at Lionhead Studios would like to thank you for participating in the closed beta and being a part of the game’s development. All stories have to end eventually, but the memories of Heroic triumphs and Villainous plots will last forever. Thank you for your support – you are all Legends!”

Reports began surfacing earlier this month, indicating that there may be hope for the game. According to the report, sources indicated that, while the majority of freelancers who were working on the game have already departed, the remaining contracted employees were being surveyed as to whether they would like to either continue work on the game or accept a severance and leave at the end of April. The report also states that several Lionhead employees proposed continuing development on Fable Legends as an independent studio.

A Microsoft spokesperson responded to inquiries, stating “We aren’t sharing additional details beyond that we have ceased development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees at Lionhead about our proposed closure of the studio as well.”

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