e3 2014

Fable: Legends Will Feature 4-Player Co-Op


Fable: Legends will feature a “Villain” mode where players can direct enemies and abilities against other gamers playing in co-op.

Fable: Legends‘ gameplay was unveiled today at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The demo, presented by the its developers at Lionhead Studios, showcased its hybrid cooperative/competitive multiplayer which will pit a team of four allied players against a fifth gamer taking on the role of “villain.”

“The villain player in Fable: Legends brings a whole new perspective to the game,” said Lionhead in the trailer. “Every creature, every trap, every spell… the villain orchestrates it all.”

In the demo, the villain player was shown to be controlling enemy units and deploying their abilities via a top-down map not unlike what you’d seen in a real-time strategy game. The demo culminated in a battle against a large troll-like boss enemy that the players had to take down by strategically combining their skills and abilities. Players keen on trying both the hero and villain roles may want to keep their eyes on Lionhead in the coming months as the studio also revealed plans to launch a multiplayer beta this fall.

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