Fable Novel Contains Special Weapon Code


They say that knowledge is power, and in Fable 3 that’s truer than it’s ever been.

Rather than follow the herd, upcoming action RPG Fable 3 is blazing its own trail – when it comes to promotion items at least. The game’s pre-order bonus is a villager of your own design, and now Lionhead is hiding secret weapons in books.

Fable: The Balverine Order is set in the world of Albion and tells the tale of two friends who go off in search of the dreaded balverine. That alone is probably enough to get some Fable fans to pick up the book, but for those who perhaps aren’t so sure, emblazoned across the front cover of the book is the promise that it contains a “code to unlock [a] unique weapon in Fable 3.” The Balverine Order is written by Peter David, who has worked on a several comic book series, including Spider-Man, Aquaman and The Incredible Hulk, and also wrote the script for last year’s Metroid-esque action/platfomer Shadow Complex.

There’s no mention of what the weapon actually is, although it would be wonderful if it were book themed. I’d like to imagine that the code is hidden away in the prose itself, and you have to read the story very carefully to get it, even though it’s probably just printed on the insider back cover or something. Fable 3 is released on Xbox 360 on October 26th, with a PC version coming later. Order of the Balverine will be available slightly before then on October 5th.

Source: Kotaku

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