Fan Made Sonic The Hedgehog Cartoon Gets A Trailer


I don’t know which is more surprising, that the trailer for an upcoming fan made Sonic The Hedgehog animated film is surprisingly well crafted, or that its creators actually think they can avoid a cease and desist order from Sega.

Yes, it lacks vocal work, and some of the background animation is a bit rudimentary, but otherwise this trailer looks as good, if not better than any of the official Sonic cartoons Sega has authorized throughout the years. The “10 months of development” that went into this thing definitely shows.

It’s really too bad that in offering this work public praise with a post such as this I’m almost certainly alerting Sega’s team of trained attack lawyers to the project’s existence. The trailer may say “Summer 2011,” but don’t expect to see the finished project in your lifetime.

The best Sonic fans can hope for is that these undoubtedly talented amateur film makers somehow leverage this work into a foothold toward a more lucrative, less copyright-infringing gig.

(Via GoNintendo)

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