Fan Recreates Resident Evil 3 In Left 4 Dead Campaign


An ambitious modder is attempting to combine two classics of zombie gaming into one with a full Left 4 Dead campaign modeled after Resident Evil 3.

The campaign, which creator Outatime insists is “not a mod,” will feature five separate maps that he hopes will bring “as much of Resident Evil 3 as I can into Left 4 Dead.” The campaign will be a full-fledged Left 4 Dead co-operative experience with your favorite L4D characters (perhaps reskinned as a Resident Evil character) traversing Raccoon City in the midst of a zombie outbreak.

Outatime plans to include central locales from RE3 as maps: Raccoon City Streets, Raccoon City Police Department, The Clock Tower, The Hospital, The Park and The Factory. As this is a one-man project and features things like “light, visibility, prop placement, sound, AI, [and] event programming,” it’ll take Outatime a while to finish. He estimates that it’ll be out by the end of this year, but in the meantime, there is a beta version available right now.

The project began some years back before Left 4 Dead even existed, when Outatime’s love for the Resident Evil series manifested itself in some attempts to recreate the Raccoon City Police Department in various games, including the Jedi Knight and Half-Life games. Unsurprisingly, he found that Jedi and zombies didn’t exactly mix. Then came Left 4 Dead, which recently saw the release of authoring tools, which must have pushed development of the RE3 project forward dramatically.

What Outatime’s got so far is mighty impressive, and should bring back plenty of memories of Resident Evil 3. Of course it also begs the question: Zoey or Jill Valentine? I’ll leave that up to you kids to decide.

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