Far Cry 3 Gets Tougher in Upcoming Patches


Revisit the rabbit hole with repopulated outposts and an all-new difficulty setting.

If you’re still playing Far Cry 3, you’ve probably reclaimed most of the Rook Islands by now, converting hostile outposts into safe havens and turning the whole place into a getaway resort with a few straggling pirates. Ubisoft are looking to improve the campaign’s replay value by introducing the ability to reset outposts and a more fierce difficulty option in future patches.

Once you’ve cleared all the existing outposts and completed the game, a menu item in the gameplay options menu called “Reset Outposts” will appear. This will make all outposts on the island hostile once more, so you can go back and turn those pirates into pincushions all over again. Any incomplete side missions and quests will be hidden as if the outpost hadn’t been discovered; in order to finish the incomplete side quests, you’ll have to retake the outpost once more.

Ubisoft also revealed a new “Master” difficulty setting, which offers “more aggressive wildlife, tougher pirates, and more deadly privateers”.

Additional features are also inbound for the game’s multiplayer. The feedback system for user-created maps will be tweaked to provide more information to the maps’ creators. Map makers can also look forward to the option of beta testing and spectating their maps as volunteers try out the new layout and provide feedback afterwards, which should improve the quality of user-generated maps as opposed to releasing them as-is into the wild.

Other multiplayer tweaks, such as adjustments to idle kick times, map searching by author, and changes to the “skip map” voting system are also on the horizon.

No official dates were announced for the upcoming features just yet.

Source: Ubisoft Forums

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