Farewell, Escapist


A little over five years ago, I was at a tiny little con called the VG Expo, attending a panel called “Covering the Game Culture Beat.” After years of writing about videogames in my spare time, I’d finally made the decision to really put myself out there and make it my goal to be a game journalist For Reals. The moderator began introducing the panelists – none of whom were actually listed in the skimpy program – and finally got to the Features Editor for The Escapist.

I gasped. Loudly. I’ve always been a big fan of this place.

The thing I liked most about The Escapist, then and now, was that it was weird. Not weird for weird’s sake, either, but genuinely, distinctly odd. The Escapist never did things quite the way everyone else did, and I liked that. Underneath the quirk, however, was a clear love of games – of what they could accomplish, what they could do, where they could go. There was an adoration of the craft of game design, as well as the joy of play.

I’ve been exceedingly fortunate in my time here at The Escapist, because I was always allowed to experiment. Being given the opportunity to fail in a huge and public way doesn’t sound like a benefit at first, but it meant that I never felt stuck. There was always something new to try. There was always some idea to explore. I’ve gotten to explore those ideas with some of the most talented, creative, and daring people in game journalism. Some of those experiments worked, some didn’t, but along the way I think we did some pretty great stuff.

On a personal level, I’ve gotten to introduce you to games you might not’ve heard about otherwise, like Emerald City Confidential, The Path, and Tokyo Jungle. I’ve gotten to discuss Doctor Who at length with people who’d been watching it their entire lives, and those who’d only recently discovered it. I got to experience the very first Escapist Expo, and dance with you guys while we sang along to Commander Shepard. (Still one of the best nights of my life, by the way.) I’ve met with you in person to discuss serious topics like anxiety, gender representation, and parenting. I’ve hosted an extremely raunchy game show. I’m very proud of everything I’ve worked on here at The Escapist, but the time has come for me to go.

I’m sad to be leaving, but confident that those who are staying on will continue to be as brilliant and passionate as they ever were. I won’t disappear completely or immediately – we do have E3 coming up, after all. My thanks go to all of you who’ve been so kind, appreciative, and supportive of me these past five years. I’m not entirely sure who I am if I’m not “Susan from The Escapist,” but finding out should be an all new adventure.

See ya ’round the galaxy–


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