FarmVille Creates New Avenue for Videogame Pixel Artists


Do not play FarmVille, ever, if you treasure your soul. Do, however, look at this pixel art.

The coolest thing at school nowadays is FarmVille, an addicting Facebook game that will make you hate yourself in real time. Do you have a desire to throw hours of your life directly into the toilet, and then to urinate all over them? Or maybe to become a souless husk that can only think about how to arrange a group of banana trees? Play FarmVille. We’re all doing it, man.

FarmVille allows “players” (I’ll leave the debate about whether FarmVille is actually a game or not for another day) to grow crops and design their own farms, placing fencing, animals, buildings, trees, and other objects. Interestingly enough, something pretty cool has come out of FarmVille‘s design: the ability to create pixel art. There are a variety of colors of hay that can be used as uniform pixels, and some FarmVille users have created a selection of decent videogame-related art doing so. It does not excuse the devil’s creation of FarmVille, but I still must acknowledge that this art exists.

Mario is a given for any form of pixel art, as we can see in the photo accompanying this post, in addition to this version of Mario before he eats a mushroom. Someone even made the rare Tanooki Mario. From other 8-bit titles, people have done Final Fantasy‘s White Mage, Metroid’s Samus, a large Donkey Kong, an Excite-biker, and The Legend of Zelda‘s Link. And, did you know that Sonic and Knuckles fell in love through FarmVille? Now you do.

To see the entire album of videogame-inspired FarmVille pixel art, visit this photo album. Videogames are not the only subject matter covered in FarmVille; someone has even done the Mona Lisa, which just seems like all sorts of wrong.

In closing, I want to recommend that nobody ever play FarmVille, even at the threat of their own life. The release of death is likely much sweeter than planting a full screen of daffodils day after day. I have to go throw up now, my coffee crop is ready for harvest.

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