This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Fashion Police Squad.

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Who’s this craven miseryguts going around saying there’s a release drought on? In triple-A, maybe. All the big money industry’s given us lately is Annapurna’s smash hit bumhole licking simulator and that one Smash Bros knockoff where Shaggy from Scooby Doo beats up the Muppet Babies or whatever. But the indie and midlevel sector are killing it right now. Killing it and stuffing it and mounting it on the mantlepiece to make uncomfortable eye contact with dinner guests. I’ve played tons of interesting games lately. There was even a full on Soulslike. Thymesia. It kinda sucks, but it’s there. For want of some unique spin on the combat it came up with this whole thing where you stab the baddies but then you have to stab them with your secondary weapon to make the first stab happen for realsies, and I kinda bounced off that. Felt like the exact opposite of streamlining the process. Brought back too many unpleasant memories from when I used to work in data validation. But elsewhere there’s been plenty of innovative new ideas that have paid off. Cult of the Lamb, management sim with added death. Rollerdrome, Tony Hawk’s pro skater with added death. Cursed To Golf, golf simulator with – actually I’ve just noticed the common thread, there.

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