Fat Princess Release Rolls Back To Later This Summer


If you were hoping to get your hands on Fat Princess on PSN next week, Sony has some bad news for you: it’s been delayed to an unspecified time later this summer.

At the beginning of this month Sony announced that Titan Studios’ titanically proportioned PSN action-strategy title Fat Princess would be making its debut sometime within the four weeks of the year we Earthlings have determined are referred collectively to as “June.” Well, something must have gone wrong between now and then, because Sony has announced that Fat Princess will not be out this month.

Fat Princess will have a global release date, but I can confirm for you it will not be next week I’m afraid,” Sony’s Mike Kebby wrote on the PlayStation Europe blog. “The game is coming at some point this summer, but there is no confirmed release date at the moment.” Cue jokes about how the princess is too fat for June and has to slim herself down to make it into another month.

So why the delay? Sony doesn’t say, but maybe it has something to do with the development of Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, the PSP port of the PSN game which will feature loads of new content that the original title won’t have. Could Titan Games be fattening up their original package so that it doesn’t look so thin next to the PSP title?

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