Father Gives Son the Gift of an AT-AT Bed


Race car beds were once the coolest beds around, but no longer. A DIY project by probably the nicest dad ever has resulted in the ultimate snooze station for any boy: the AT-AT bed.

Time to add another item to the “Things I Wish I Had When I Was a Kid” list. One lucky boy with a very crafty (and very nerdy dad) is now the owner of a loft bed that resembles none other than the iconic AT-AT made famous in The Empire Strikes Back.

The bed’s on the bottom and the AT-AT towers above it. It’s got a detailed paint job recreating all the panels and parts of the AT-AT, and you can even climb up into the top and pretend to take it for a ride before getting off via a ladder, or, if you’re a real badass, the escape hatch built into the floor.

How did dad pull it off? Well it’s apparently not so hard, he says, admitting to having no prior construction experience aside from putting together a swing set from Home Depot and making Halloween props. The bed is essentially just a regular old loft style you see in dorm rooms, with wooden panels attached to create the AT-AT body. The designs are stenciled on in Sharpie and the head was built from sculpting foam.

All the details are there, except for a couple issues. One, the kid has Transformers bedding. No problem with Transformers here, but if you’re going to have an AT-AT bed, you’ve got to have matching bedding. Two, the kid, who’s dressed as Darth Vader, has a purple Mace Windu lightsaber. No, that won’t work either. Sorry, but the little things do matter.

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