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Issue 269
Industry of Inclusion
Editor's Note Letters to the Editor

Why do we need more non-white characters when so many games allow you to create an avatar that looks like any race or color? Chuck Wendig experiments with some modern character creators and finds out that isn't exactly true.

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The facial features of many anime characters can appear ethnically Western, a process that is spreading to Japanese-made videogame plots and content. Fintan Monaghan does not believe that this is a healthy development.

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From Prince of Persia to the recent Medal of Honor news of playable Taliban, the depiction of Muslims in videogames hasn't been any more even-handed than American TV or movies. Saladin Ahmed is one Muslim gamer who'd like to see that change.

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The sad truth is that all races will never be represented in games unless we start changing how it is discussed in the public forum. Jamin Brophy-Warren is tired of wondering if too much criticism in favor of more diversity in games is "too much."

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