Figure Out Your Odds of Being Struck by an Asteroid


Hundreds of space rocks hit our planet every year, but how big of a risk do they pose to you?

It should go without saying that your odds of your house being nailed by an asteroid are rather slim, but just how slim are they? Thankfully, real estate blog Movoto has built a tool that allows you to figure out just exactly what your odds are. Simply typing in the square footage of your home is all you need to do to find out your chance of being flattened.

For someone in a 2,500sq ft. home, the chances of being hit by a space rock are approximately 1 in 2,196,269,636,024 over a 1-year span. According to Movoto, each year the Earth is hit with one asteroid between 16 and 33 feet in diameter. However, roughly 500 smaller asteroids make impact worldwide.

So go ahead and type in your home’s digits and find out how big of a chance you stand of making the news. Feel free to post your odds in the comments and we’ll find out which one of us should be the most worried.

Source: Movoto

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