Final Fantasy VI Hits Steam Next Week


It might not be the good version, but at least it’s something

If there’s one game I could never get tired of, Final Fantasy VI is probably it. While some have their (ridonculous) issues with it, I consider it to be one of the best RPGs ever made and easily the finest entry in the Final Fantasy series. Unfortunately, being an older game, it can at times be a bit tricky to find a way to play it. While it has been re-released over the years, there are platforms that it’s never made it’s way to. Next week however, we’ll be able to cross a big one off of the list.

Joining other titles from the franchise like Final Fantasy IV and V, Final Fantasy VI will be released on Steam next week on December 16th. The game will cost 10.99 pounds sterling (about 16 US dollars) and will be subject to a ten percent discount during its first week in the storefront. The PC port is based on the mobile version of Final Fantasy VI which released back in 2014.

While a PC port of Final Fantasy VI is obviously good news, there’s a good chance that fans will be disappointed that it’s based on the mobile version as opposed to the original SNES game. Setting aside problems like typos in the dialogue from its opening scene, the mobile version of VI was given a visual makeover which added in new backgrounds and character sprites that many considered to be uglier than the pixel art from the 1994 release. In other words, if you have any way of playing the SNES game, you should do that. If you’re new to VI though and only have a PC, there are probably worse ways you could spend your time.
Source: Steam

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