Final Fantasy XIII Will Use 100% of PS3’s Power


FF13 Producer Yoshinori Kitase told Japanese gaming mag Dengeki PlayStation that the final version of the game will push Sony’s monolithic powerhouse to its limit.

While the Final Fantasy XIII demo included with Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete – hitting Japan in mid-April and the States this June – will only push the PlayStation 3 to “about 50 percent of its power,” the team at Square-Enix is looking to bring all of the PS3’s vaunted resources to bear on the final product.

Silly allusions to Dragonball Z (We are only using a fraction of the PS3’s true power! Bwahahahaha!) aside, one has to admit that if the claim ends up being true, it’ll be quite the feat. The PS3’s selling point this console generation is the power lurking beneath its sleek black frame and a game that supposedly shows the full potential of what the hardware can do might be an interesting attraction for undecided buyers.

On the other hand … while FF13 will be exclusive to the PS3 in Japan only – in the west, it will be simultaneously released on the Xbox 360. If the RPG will indeed be pushing the Sony console to the limit, how will the 360 version fare – and will it be enough to swing the tide of the console war back in Sony’s direction as far as the West is concerned?

Furthermore, FF13‘s long development time might mean that by the time it is released, it won’t be quite so cutting edge anymore. I mean, we already have Crysis – who’s to say that PC games won’t keep pushing that margin?

(Kotaku via VG247)

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