Find and Disarm Arkham Knight’s Militia Bombs With These Locations

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Make Gotham’s roads safe in Arkham Knight with another ‘Most Wanted’ guide. This time we’re tackling those militia roadside bombs. Find them all with the coordinates below.

Take the Batmobile for a spin and blast swarms of robotic drones in the ‘Campaign for Disarmament’ side mission. It starts early in the story, but there’s no way to finish until far later. Like always, keep a close eye on the map and use Detective Vision to spot these mines while gliding across the city.

Get one step closer to 100% completion with these locations. For more quest instructions, check out our Arkham Knight: Victim Locations Guide, or save hostages with the list of Arkham Knight Firefighter Rescue Locations.

‘Campaign for Disarmament’ Guide

At a certain point in the main story, Alfred directs Batman to disarm militia checkpoint bombs. To disarm a bomb, look for a large red object drilled into the dirt. Target the bomb while in the Batmobile’s combat mode and use a power winch.

This initiates a countdown timer. Survive and stay in the arena ring while fighting Arkham Knight drones. Destroy the drones and use the power winch a second time to destroy the mine.

When this side mission begins, more mines will appear as the story progresses and as Batman gains access to all three Gotham districts after lowering their respective bridges. Not all mines are available at the start.

Bomb Defusal Locations

Check the map coordinates below for mine locations. At certain story milestones, like lowering the bridges to Founders’ Island, new bomb defusal sites will become available.

  • Bomb #1: Unmissable – X:2108, Y:2923
  • Bomb #2: Bleake Island – X:1793, Y:2417
  • Bomb #3: Bleake Island – X:1916, Y:2675
  • Bomb #4: Bleake Island – X:2362, Y:2907
  • Bomb #5: Founders’ Island – X:2141, Y:1912
  • Bomb #6: Founders’ Island – X:2040, Y:1566
  • Bomb #7: Founders’ Island – X:2268, Y:1536
  • Bomb #8: Founders’ Island – X:2744, Y:1741
  • Bomb #9: Founders’ Island – X:2940, Y:1453
  • Bomb #10: Miagani Island – X:3272, Y:2203
  • Bomb #11: Miagani Island – X:3002, Y:2302
  • Bomb #12: Miagani Island – X:2902, Y:2733
  • Bomb #13: Miagani Island – X:3052, Y:2922
  • Bomb #14: Miagani Island – X:3161, Y:2732

Trophies / Achievements Unlocked

Gotham Underground (Bronze / 10 points):
Defuse all of the militia explosive ordinance in Gotham City.

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