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Listen to the last broadcasts in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture with all 25 radio locations. Earn the ‘Radio Enthusiast’ trophy with our guide, if you can avoid interacting with anything else in the environment, including those ubiquitous story cues.

From the makers of Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs comes Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. As the last apparent survivor of some massive event, you must explore a quaint town while piecing together the past through audio clips, written clues and narration. It’s all about exploring and soaking in a story, but there’s plenty of extra stuff to discover. These radios provide even more from Kate, so if you’re looking to hear everything she has to say, or if you’r hunting down the tricky ‘Radio Enthusiast’ Gold trophy, use the locations described below.

All Radio Locations

Collectible radios are located all over town. Look for radios with orange/red trim — phones or other black radios don’t count. Listen for static buzzing from far away to hone in on any radios you might be missing.

Radio #1: Observatory Shed – From the start, turn around and enter the brick building outside the gates. Go through the double blue doors and look left.

Radio #2: Stars at Night Backyard – Walk through the bar interior and exit to the back of the building opposite the street. There’s a table to the right of the back entrance in a small field, next to the parking.

Radio #3: Behind the House – Standing at the Stars at Night bar entrance, cross the street and look in the backyard of the home. There’s a deck chair with the radio sitting on an overturned plastic basket.

Radio #4: Home Gardening – Down the street from the church, there’s another house with some shrubberies in the backyard. It’s also close to the Town Hall. There’s a tree stump next to a wheelbarrow with this radio.

Radio #5: Farm Field – From the previous radio, exit through the backyard gate and cross the path to enter a field. There’s a roof on the opposite end of the field near a tractor. The radio is on one of two red barrels.

Radio #6: Camper – Across the street from the repair shop, there’s a dark brick house with camper parked in the driveway. Enter through the open door and look on the table.

Radio #7: Blue House Garden – Continuing on to the park, enter the backyard of the distinctive blue house covered with flowers and vines. In the back, there’s a green house-like shed. One of the shelves has the radio.

Radio #8: Treehouse Forest Home – Take the road up into the forest and check out the first home you see on the right. There’s a nice treehouse to the left of the front door. Climb up the ladder to discover a radio.

Radio #9: Forest Path Bus Stop – This one is hard to miss. Continue down the main path of the story and you’ll eventually cross a small bridge over a stream. The bus stop is to the right.

Radio #10: Bee Keeper’s Yard – At the last string of homes before the farm area, you should see a yard with bee hives to the left of the path. Behind all those, there’s a pile of cinder blocks with a radio.

Radio #11: Bee Keeper’s Bedroom – Another radio is nearby. Enter the home with the hives and head upstairs to the bedroom. A scene will play out that automatically activates the radio, just stick around to watch.

Radio #12: Stephen’s House – Continue up the road until you reach Stephen’s house. Go upstairs and enter the open bedroom door, the radio is on the chair.

Radio #13: Farm Chair – Leaving the forest and entering the farm, follow the main path and listen for static. You should hear it before reaching a wooden gate to the left. Open the gate and circle around the fence to find a white plastic chair.

Radio #14: Wheat Field House Shed – Moving along the road, you’ll come across a white house near the wheat fields. Go to the backyard with the swaying linen, there’s an open shed with your next radio inside.

Radio #15: Campsite – Cross the nearby wheat field to find a trail leading up the stream and above the waterfall. Up here, there’s an abandoned campsite with a picnic blanket laid out with another radio to activate.

Radio #16: Hay Loft – Enter the barn structure in the field and climb the ladder up into the loft. The radio is to the left at the top of the climb.

Radio #17: Wheat Field Wreck – From this barn, enter the next wheat field. There’s a rusted van wreck in the center of the field. The radio is in the driver side seat.

Radio #18: Tennis Court Ramp – Before reaching the enclosed tennis courts along the left path of the camping area, you’ll find a child’s ramp to the left of the road. The radio is right next to the ramp and fallen bike.

Radio #19: Reception Caravan – Walking past the reception area, turn off the road and enter the camping area with orange tents. One of the outlying caravans’ doors is open. The radio is on the table inside.

Radio #20: Playground Caravan – Across from the playgrounds, there are more drab caravans. One in the back-left corner from the road entrance path has an open door and a radio inside.

Radio #21: Direction Sign Caravans – Return to the white sign pointing out the many landmarks in this area. There are more caravans behind this sign — look at the one behind the fire pit, slightly red. There’s a table with a red/white umbrella where the next radio is located.

Radio #22: Northern Bus Stop – Continuing on north, the sky will turn to dusk as you enter Stephen’s section. There’s a bus stop along the main road here, on your right, with a radio inside.

Radio #23: Train Tracks – Go to the train station and follow the tracks toward the tunnel. Following the tracks, you should find a police blockade to the right on the street. There’s a radio sitting on the fence.

Radio #24: Gas Station Shed – There’s a small wooden shed structure in the Gas Station parking lot. Find the little sitting area someone’s set up to get the radio.

Radio #25: Sub Station – Enter the Sub Station gate and head right. There’s a work table with the final radio under a roof. This is the same area with the bunker.

Trophy Unlocked

To unlock this trophy, do not interact with any of the story-based glowing spheres in-game. Activating light-switches or any other objects will void this trophy. Ladders, doors and gates can be activated. If you step close to a proximity-based glow, it does not count against you. Avoid radios without red/orange trim.

  • Radio Enthusiast (Gold):
    Listened to all the radios before doing anything else.

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