First Fallout: New Vegas Video Diary Hits the Tubes


The first Fallout: New Vegas video developer diary has been released, featuring several members of Obsidian talking about the early stages of the story and how it draws the player into the game.

You can tell that Fallout: New Vegas is getting close. Earlier this week we got a look at the list of possible New Vegas companions and today Bethesda has unveiled the first video developer diary, giving gamers a quick glimpse at the game’s plot and the rebuilding city of New Vegas.

Fallout 3 starts with you being born, and you’re a baby, and you go through your young adulthood until you leave the Vault,” Project Director J. E. Sawyer explains. “In New Vegas… you start the game in a very Vegas sort of cliche style almost. You’re shot in the head and dropped in a shallow grave, so it starts with essentially your would-be death.”

The developer diary contains a few very minor spoilers about the New Vegas story, although probably nothing you don’t already know if you’ve been keeping up with news about the game, so consider yourself warned. Fallout: New Vegas is scheduled for release on October 19 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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