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TAMRAEL: Her True Calling

Character Name: Tamrael
World: Alexandre
Linkshell: More than too many
Race: Hume Female
Job: Red Mage / Whatever suits me at the time (Black Mage)


I didn\’t ask for this. Never once when I was growing up did I have even
the slighest desire to become an adventurer. The life I wanted was the
quiet life of a well-off housewife, married to a nice man with a good
job… until that day. My boyfriend at the time was a guy named Naji
who I played with as a little girl, the one who wanted to become a
Mythril Musketeer — you know, the cute one. Anyway, he was out one day
scavenging for beehive chips to use in crafting a new kind of weapon he
claimed to have invented, something called a Bee Spatha. I thought
nothing of it, he was constantly out looking for one thing or another
while beating up on the various monsters surrounding the town, and he\’d
never had trouble before. When he didn\’t return by nightfall, however,
I became worried for his wellbeing.

I asked an adventurer friend of mine to go looking for Naji at his
favorite hunting ground. When my friend returned, however, he said that
Naji was nowhere to be seen, but there were Quadav tracks all around the
area and that it was most likely Naji had been taken to Beadeaux or
Palborough. When I asked the adventurer to go find Naji for me, he
immediately refused, saying how the Quadavs were no ordinary monster,
how it would take someone far stronger than him to get my boyfriend
back. Of course, this was unacceptable. With a hard glint in my eye I
grabbed up Naji\’s favorite Degen and stormed down to the local
armorsmith where I was fitted for a medium-weight set of Leather armor.

On my way out of town, I was stopped by another adventurer I knew, a
Whitemage. When I asked him to accompany me, he told me I was insane to
go, but if I was dead-set on it, he would teach me some magic to help me
on my way. Of course, I accepted — all I knew about fighting was which
end of the sword to stick into the other guy. After a quick lesson in
magic, I was able to reliably cast the Cure spell. My Whitemage friend
also stopped a passing Blackmage, who helped me further by teaching me
how to use the Blind and Stone spells. Figuring I was reasonably
well-set, I headed off — Quadavs couldn\’t be that bad, could they?

Just outside the gates of the city, I decided to try my hand at combat
against one of the nearby worms. I swung my sword with all my might and
it swung true! I thought for sure I had landed a killing blow, until
the worm turned in the ground and reeled back. With horrifying
precision, it swung its end around and slammed into my gut, a blow I
couldn\’t quite evade quickly enough. I swung back at it again and
again, remembering as well my Stone spell, which I cast. When finally
the worm collapsed to the earth, I was exhausted, sweaty, and hurt all
over. I saw for a moment to gather my concentration, then cast my Cure
spell and immediately felt fine. Resting my mind for a moment longer, I
moved on toward the mines.


After some days spent in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse within
Palborough Mines, I finally realized that Naji was nowhere to be found.
I slipped out of the mines carefully and moved on to the Quadav
stronghold of Beadeaux, a name my parents had used to make my blood run
chill so I would behave as a child. By now, I had learned a bit more
about combat from my encounters with the Quadavs in the mines. My magic
was better, and I could fight longer without getting tired. I had
learned the value of that Blind spell, as well as picked up on a way to
alter my Stone spell to use the element of Water instead.

Finally arriving at Beadeaux, I again slowly picked my way through the
Quadav maze, trying not to be seen and fighting desperately on those few
occasions when I was detected. Finally, I happened upon a well-guarded
steel door with a small hole in it… and through the hole I could see
Naji! Immediately I leapt at the guards and engaged them in combat,
coming within a hair of my life more than once. When Naji heard the
sound of combat outside his cell, he couldn\’t have been more surprised
than to see me fighting. With desperate yells he told me to open his
cell door, which I broke away from combat momentarily to do. He yelled
something at the Quadavs and jumped into the melee with me, but he was
surprised again when a quick arcane chant led to a rush of water
slamming one of the Quadavs dead to the ground. We were quickly able to
dispatch the other Quadav guard with out suprtior numbers, though Naji
took a nasty hit in the process. After the battle, he sat down heavily
and told me to escape while I could, that his wound was too great. I
laughed and quickly cast a Cure spell at him, leaving him staring
wide-eyed at me. Incredulously, he asked \”Tamrael… you\’re a Red
Mage?!\” I shrugged, I didn\’t know what I had become, but I knew now
that it was my true calling. Following a quick breakup with Naji, I
headed off toward the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, hoping to find adventure and
advancement for myself with the dreams of fame that every adventurer
share singing in my heart.


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