First L.A. Noire Trailer in Four Years Coming Thursday


Rockstar’s long-dormant crime thriller will be making its first public appearance in years later this week.

Set in 1947 Los Angeles, Rockstar’s L.A. Noire puts the player in the shoes of detective Cole Phelps, a man trying to do the right thing in a corrupt LAPD. Though the game – in development Down Under at Aussie studio Team Bondi – was known of way back in 2004, it’s been all but missing since its last “proper” trailer in 2006.

This week, that’s going to change.

Rockstar has announced that it will be releasing the first new L.A. Noire trailer in four years this coming Thursday. This will be the first new look at the game, which was originally slated for release between 2008 and 2009 – now hopefully scheduled for 2011.

Though L.A. Noire was originally announced as a PS3 exclusive, it was revealed earlier this year that it would see an Xbox 360 release as well. With a rumored 20+ hours of voice acting and a script 22 thousand pages long – and a development time lasting the better part of a decade – you can’t blame Rockstar for wanting to recoup its investment on as many platforms as possible, can you?

Stay tuned, guys and dolls. We’ll have more on Thursday.

(Via VG247)

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