First Person Cat Simulator Catlateral Damage Kickstarter Begins


Chris Chung’s Catlateral Damage, which spread as a popular demo early this year, is hoping to be a fully released game thanks to Kickstarter backers.

Chris Chung has begun a Kickstarter campaign for his game, Catlateral Damage, a first person cat simulator in which you knock stuff off of tables like any self-respecting cat would do. The Kickstarter campaign will end July 11.

When Chung was working on the alpha version of the game and released a demo, he worked as a QA tester. Chung said he lost his job in March, giving him more time to finish the game but less funds to do so. As a part of Ouya’s Free the Games fund, the company will match all donations up to the goal amount (no more than $250,000). Chris Chung is asking for $40,000.

Catlateral Damage was born out of a game jam and inspiration from Chung’s cat. Chung is adding several features to the full release, including tripping out on catnip, chasing a laser pointer, hacking up hairballs, exploring under beds, sitting in boxes, standing in doorways in indecision, acting indignant, and knocking over a huge TV – all real-life cat scenarios, as any person with a cat can attest.

But seriously, Chung has put a lot of thought into the game. Catlateral Damage is procedurally generated, meaning every playthrough is a little different as rooms, houses, and challenges will change. Additional cats will be added to the game for its release, and players will have to decide which cat fits the situation, as each cat has different special abilities from jumping high to strong muscles. Cats can collect power-ups to unlock new abilities, and catnip makes cats superpowered for a limited time.

Early backers will be able to grab a digital copy of the game (with Steam/OUYA keys) for $10. After this tier is gone, the tier will increase to $12. Backers should also expect to receive pictures of cats, Chung noted.

Should the Kickstarter be successful, Catlateral Damage will be available to play on PC, Mac, Linux, and Ouya this November.

Source: Kickstarter

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