Flagship Trailer Gives a Glimpse at First Person Fleet Command


Urban Logic Games has released a new teaser trailer for its first-person, space-based RTS Flagship.

For the most part, real-time strategy games put player’s in the commander’s seat and the drag it far and away from the battlefield so they’re less a participant and more of an omnipotent hand guiding their troops to victory from afar. With its game Flagship however, Urban Logic Games hopes to force players to the forefront. Giving the player their own fleet of warships, the game aims to drop players into a vast universe where they can forge their own fate among the stars.

Hoping to give prospective players a peek at the game to come, its developers have recently a trailer showcasing its combat and how it utilizes its unique first person view within the confines of a first person perspective. Commanding ships for instance, seems to be a task delegated to a control table at the center of the bridge on the player’s ship. While the trailer only offered a few brief peeks at how this works, the controls themselves don’t seem all that different from your typical RTS.

The first person view in turn, looks as though it will provide gamers with a view on space combat that will be flat-out thrilling to watch. Just personally, it reminded me of snapping the camera to the back of a ship in Homeworld and watching it up close as it duked it out with its foes. Put shortly, if Flagship can manage even a fraction of the fun I had doing that, then we’ll have ourselves a winner. Give the trailer a watch and let us know what you think. Are you ready to command from the frontlines or would you prefer to keep things strictly top-down?

Source: YouTube

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