Fold Your Own Star Wars Origami


Turn your train ticket into a Tie Fighter with Starwarigami.

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper to make sculptures like those frogs that jump when you press on their hind legs. What began as a simple way to pass time between classes for one enthusiast, however, has turned into a Star Wars themed hobby that has yielded some impressive results.

Martin Hunt, a London-based Maths graduate and software engineer, started designing Star Wars origami models when he was in university. His first model was a “simple” X-Wing craft based on the aforementioned frog character, and he has been producing models ever since.

Hunt originally took up origami as a frugal way of passing time between lectures at University. He confesses that he struggled with the idea of origami at first, having attempted to start off with the most advanced origami book he could find. He believes, however, that his Maths degree helped him to quickly pick up the fundamentals, and it was during the time of The Phantom Menace that he began to experiment with creating models inspired by the Star Wars universe.

Starwarigami isn’t the only website dedicated to the art of crafting droids from bus tickets, though; Hunt says that the release of his book was beaten by author Chris Alexander, although he believes that there’s still room for a more “grown-up approach” in the paper-folding market. You can show your support for Hunt’s project at Starwarigami.

Source: Starwarigami via Wired

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