Tired of watching the idiots in marketing make a mess of things, Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker has put together his very own Serious Sam 3 promotional trailer.

Yes, I know I’ve been linking to a lot of Serious Sam 3 trailers and I may have implied the last time around that I wouldn’t do it again, but this new promotional trailer created by none other than Fork Parker, the Chief Financial Officer Extraordinaire at Devolver Digital, really shouldn’t be missed. I’ll let the esteemed executive and man-made mammary aficionado describe it to you in his own words.

“Shoot naked bird ladies! BAM!” he said. “Taste the violence! OMG IT TINGLES!”

Okay then. Like Samuel L. Jackson once said, you either want to see that, or you don’t – and I think we all know that you do. Serious Sam 3: BFE is available now for the PC; console release dates have not yet been announced.

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